A three day guide to Jaipur

I was never a history buff. Yet during my schooling and preparations of Civil services, I was continuously bombarded with historical facts and figures. King ‘X’ had ‘y’ number of queens. Name them and their respective sons. 1st battle of ‘ABC’, 2nd battle of ‘ABC’, and so on, with their respective number of soldiers, victors and vanquished, a pinch of treachery here, a bit of connivance there… It was like being strapped into a straitjacket, iron chains around the ankles, Continue reading “A three day guide to Jaipur”


Neuschwanstein Castle: A Mad man’s fantasy?

Find the association: Scrooge McDuck and Opera

Any luck?

Let me help you. All of you must have watched Walt Disney cartoons in your childhood (and some like me, even till now). Everyone must have noticed the beautiful castle which appears at the starting of the production against the bluish-purple background, right? Or perhaps the once-little-princesses might remember the beautiful castle of Sleeping Beauty? The inspiration for that castle is the famed Neuschwanstein Castle actually built by Ludwig II of Bavaria (Germany). Continue reading “Neuschwanstein Castle: A Mad man’s fantasy?”

Vienna at a glance

There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign.

                                                                                                 -Robert Louis Stevenson

                 Travel maketh a man. When Miguel de Cevantes’ Don Quixote left La Mancha to travel far and wide in Spain, in search of chivalry, honour, valour and, eventually, Dulcinea, he was, in all sense of the word, a fool. His knowledge of political & social affairs limited to the books of history, he didn’t know that the age of chivalry was long gone. It took him an arduous and treacherous journey, countless humiliations akin to a court jester, and finally, in Barcelona, a stunning defeat at the hands of the Knight of the White Moon, to realise the truth. Keep Reading

Trip to Dhauladhars-Kasol and beyond…

Day 0

               We rushed to the Majnu ka Teela to catch our bus to Kasol. It was an impromptu plan and I could only get one of my friends to accompany me. No matter how engrossing or how rewarding one’s job is; frustration is only round the corner, waiting to pounce upon you, when you least expect it. It was such frustration only which enabled me to hatch an eleventh hour plan on my own. Keep Reading