A new beginning!

Hello people!

I am writing a post after a year.


So much has happened. Brexit. Trump. Rio. Brangelina. You get the gist, right? It was a tough year, and brought out the introvert in me. There were times when I felt like a silkworm, weaving cocoon around myself, thread after thread.

And I missed the blogosphere so so much! And you wonderful people, and your wonderful posts. Although I did sneak a peek now and then Continue reading “A new beginning!”


The diary of a Valentinophobic

With the Valentine week lurking round the corner, waiting to pounce on the hapless and the fortunate alike, I thought it pertinent to share a humorous post on the travails of the vanquished in this week.
Does it ring any bells? 🙂

Maze Odyssey: The diary of an ecophobic

Have you ever seen a group of new born puppies? You would’ve, definitely. Those cute little creatures are apples of the eyes of all those around them and draw many an ‘Awws’ from the feminine counterparts of simple hard working beings like me. But amidst all the mind numbing and breath taking coyness and playfulness of these wonderful creations, those with a discernible eye wouldn’t fail to notice one or two of the kind who would be distant geographically and emotionally from the rest. They would be alone, toying with a piece of cloth, or digging with an eagerness fit for goldmine workers, or just lying down basking in the sun, snapping at any incoming flies. An empathic heart would definitely go out for them and wonder what all went wrong up there.

           Come the valentine week, and this phenomenon is mirrored in the human…

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The downsides of being a civil engineer in India


You must have seen us poor fellows wandering at dusty construction sites, wearing yellow/white/green helmets, and hurling instructions mixed with abuses, expletives and impossible threats. Any reasonable man would say, What are these blokes out of the 19th century doing? Why so much effort? Don’t we have computers and machines to do that?  Some would go even further and call us blots on the modern civilization, stirring up so much dust, botching up the landscape. Continue reading “The downsides of being a civil engineer in India”

Book Lust: Three day Quote Challenge

When the days are dreary, dreadful and deprived.

When the nights are lonely, lackadaisical and lethargic.

Behold the silver lining, the book on the nightstand.

It’s the elixir, take it into your hand.


Books are like parents. It doesn’t matter how much you ignore them, they are there for you when you most need them.


Thanks a lot Roo for nominating me for the Three Day Quote Challenge. You have always been wonderfully kind to me and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you.

For those of you who haven’t read her blog, please do so. She has her way with words I have found very fulfilling to read.

For the quotes challenge I have taken the liberty of bending the rules a bit. And I have tried writing my own quotes.

This is about book lust. One that drove me to the streets early in the morning to visit the Delhi Book Fair 2016. The stalls of Penguin, Oxford Press, Hachette, among others made me feel like Alice in Wonderland. Though I was a bit dejected because there was no separate section for ‘Humor’ in such distinguished places also.

Who would take care of India’s humor? It is true that India is witnessing the rise of various wordsmiths from among its common populace. But who would take the vacant spot left behind by greats like Khushwant Singh? Don’t we owe it to our nation and the world to repay the mirth and laughter provided so generously to us by P.G. Wodehouse and Jerome K. Jerome? Although it is not yet over for the world, as there were a few shelves devoted to  P.G. Wodehouse at Penguin.  🙂

I would like to nominate the following amazing people for the challenge:

  1. Jishnu
  2. Robert
  3. Visakha

Let’s see what they bring to the table.




A three day guide to Jaipur

I was never a history buff. Yet during my schooling and preparations of Civil services, I was continuously bombarded with historical facts and figures. King ‘X’ had ‘y’ number of queens. Name them and their respective sons. 1st battle of ‘ABC’, 2nd battle of ‘ABC’, and so on, with their respective number of soldiers, victors and vanquished, a pinch of treachery here, a bit of connivance there… It was like being strapped into a straitjacket, iron chains around the ankles, Continue reading “A three day guide to Jaipur”

A happy new year?

Hello folks! Happy New Year. 🙂

In a serendipitous encounter with Robert, we have decided to come up with a monthly series consisting of alternating take on the protagonist of our story. Thus the story keeps on progressing, making it all the more interesting since each one has to take off from where the other left previously.

The first part was written by Rob, Thanks for the Christmas Card. And this is the second part. Hopefully we will come up with something good.



“Stupid people!”

He exclaimed, sipping his coffee. He was in a theater watching a new release. Ever since she had left him, Continue reading “A happy new year?”