A new beginning!

Hello people!

I am writing a post after a year.


So much has happened. Brexit. Trump. Rio. Brangelina. You get the gist, right? It was a tough year, and brought out the introvert in me. There were times when I felt like a silkworm, weaving cocoon around myself, thread after thread.

And I missed the blogosphere so so much! And you wonderful people, and your wonderful posts. Although I did sneak a peek now and then, trying to keep up with things. But it was like walking by a neighbour’s  house, jumping to steal a glance through the kitchen window, and trying to conjecture all that’s happening in the family through whatever you see in a moment.

But now I am back for good this time. And I have brought someone with me. I have married this amazing girl, and we’ve decided to give the good old blog a makeover. We are still pondering over the details and hopefully we would do that soon.

She will of course, introduce herself soon, and we would thence get the things going.




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