The diary of a Valentinophobic

With the Valentine week lurking round the corner, waiting to pounce on the hapless and the fortunate alike, I thought it pertinent to share a humorous post on the travails of the vanquished in this week.
Does it ring any bells? 🙂

Maze Odyssey: The diary of an ecophobic

Have you ever seen a group of new born puppies? You would’ve, definitely. Those cute little creatures are apples of the eyes of all those around them and draw many an ‘Awws’ from the feminine counterparts of simple hard working beings like me. But amidst all the mind numbing and breath taking coyness and playfulness of these wonderful creations, those with a discernible eye wouldn’t fail to notice one or two of the kind who would be distant geographically and emotionally from the rest. They would be alone, toying with a piece of cloth, or digging with an eagerness fit for goldmine workers, or just lying down basking in the sun, snapping at any incoming flies. An empathic heart would definitely go out for them and wonder what all went wrong up there.

           Come the valentine week, and this phenomenon is mirrored in the human…

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