A happy new year?

Hello folks! Happy New Year. 🙂

In a serendipitous encounter with Robert, we have decided to come up with a monthly series consisting of alternating take on the protagonist of our story. Thus the story keeps on progressing, making it all the more interesting since each one has to take off from where the other left previously.

The first part was written by Rob, Thanks for the Christmas Card. And this is the second part. Hopefully we will come up with something good.



“Stupid people!”

He exclaimed, sipping his coffee. He was in a theater watching a new release. Ever since she had left him, he had stopped hanging out with his friends.Slowly it had increased to such an extent that he started going to the movies alone. He had expected to find it difficult and extremely tiresome to watch the whole movie alone. He couldn’t have been more wrong.

Surprisingly he had taken a liking to these lone excursions. But the biggest threat to his sanity and serenity in these times were the couples. And boy were they omnipresent! They would be everywhere, dotted like algae over a pond’s surface. And the amount of love they had for each other was exasperating. They couldn’t keep their hands off each other, be it an ice cream stall, a bus stop, a park, or a theater. It seemed like a competition for the snuggliest couple alive; with the award comprising troves of immeasurable treasures and a chance at immortality.

Finishing his coffee, he decided to call it a day and pushed the empty glass below his seat. Uttering curses under his breath, he hailed a cab for his barren apartment. He remembered it vividly. The last time he went with her for the movies, they couldn’t find a cab home. And it had started raining. Clueless of the surroundings, as they always were while together, they had started running in the apartment’s general direction, only to realize five minutes and soggy clothes later that they would have taken hours to get home like this.

And now, this was happening. Sometimes he couldn’t believe she had left him, for good, and they weren’t together. He half expected to wake up one day, only to find her sleeping next to him, in his arms, and discover it was all a dream.

As he pulled his apartment door open, the finality of his situation struck him again. ‘Their’ warm living room which once welcomed them with beautiful graffiti, chandeliers, cozy earmarked spots on the couch and smell of something promising from the kitchen, now reeked of dirty socks, cigarettes and dampness. The bedroom, once the address for love, mischief and  warmth, was now just a sanctuary for a survivor, and a shabby one at that.

Happy New Year, he said to himself.




15 thoughts on “A happy new year?

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  2. Hey Pranjal,
    I meant to say sooner so apologies but this is really good. You’ve managed to put your spin onto it but kept the overall tone of the first piece. I especially like your “dotted like algae over a ponds surface”.
    I’m probably going to go with the valentines piece I emailed you for February (very busy here at the moment) but I’ll polish it a bit beforehand.
    Hope your well

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  3. Hey Pranjal, just checking out your blog here, You are a good writer, Don’t stop your writing. And i loved your concept of story creation in colab with Robert, it is pretty interesting, you have a new follower. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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