Delhi Street Food Festival 2015

There is no sincerer love than the love of food.

-George Bernard Shaw

Many of us may not know G.B. Shaw and Alfred Doolittle’s profound yet humorous take on “middle class morality”, but I am sure that everyone would swear by his words mentioned above. And when it comes to street food, we Delhiites go beyond love. We go bonkers, we become unhinged, if I may say so! Street food, in its own mysterious ways, reduces the class and caste distinctions.

Imagine the euphoria of the people of Delhi when the street foods of various states of India come knocking at their doors, enticing and luring them with promises of lusciousness, deliciousness and gratification. Frenzy would be a better word for what happened at Delhi Street Food Festival 2015 held at JLN Stadium. And the same thing happened to us when we got there on the last day.

 This is what happened. In a nutshell.

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