And then this happens

A short story for Miniature Writing Challenge #20

Hello folks!

This is my first attempt at a blogging challenge. This challenge entails writing a short story with the prompt “She ran hastily down the rainy street…”. So here it goes.

She ran hastily down the rainy street, trying to call him. It had been an hour since she had turned down his proposal. All kinds of horrible outcomes flashed before her eyes. Why wasn’t he picking up his phone? 

She regretted being so selfish, and insensitive, when all he wanted was her happiness. But that ship had sailed. She was dead inside, and his lively spirit lacerated her dying soul.

She tried his door bell, shouted hysterically, called him names, but all in vain. Stunned,she sat on a kerbstone, trying to figure out what to do. It was then that she spotted him, sitting in the shadow of an oil barrel, against the flickering streetlight, looking aghast. And then she realised something.

She wanted to live again. With him. For him.


5 thoughts on “And then this happens

  1. I read this a couple of times before I digested it properly. Oh it was nothing to do with how you’d written it, it was because how realistic the story was to life.
    Life is too short to be overly selfish but possibly sensitive at times, aren’t we all? 😉
    Great short story… 😉

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